Hilda Demsky - The Artist
La Mariposa (self portrait), oil on canvas, 20″ x 24″

Inspiration for my paintings frequently comes from the movement of free flowing water.

I am currently working on heavy transparent Mylar whose characteristics free me from the restrictions inherent in stretched canvas. It enables me to create visual layering in several ways. The unpainted areas of Mylar allow the viewer to see through the painting and incorporate nearby imagery, walls and environments. The paintings are able to be suspended from wires, hung in multiples on the wall, collaged, or rolled into free-standing cylinders. The suspended paintings and the cylinders draw light from all sides and shimmer like sun on water. They have the potential of actual movement which relates to the movement of water. The sheen of the plastic surface provides a shimmer similar to that of water.

When my paintings are rolled into cylinders, any realistic imagery is transformed into abstractions of the forces of nature.

Having grown up on the banks of the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania, and subsequently living on Long Island Sound, I have a personal, long-life relationship to water. It is the constant movement, change and cyclical nature that inform my work.

Juxtaposing the traditional medium of oil on the almost indestructible man-made surface of plastic opens a dialogue about material and environmental issues. Reflections in water makes me reflect on the frailty and changing nature of life.

Hilda Green Demsky: The Flow of the Artist’s Life and Work
Hilda Demsky Artbook
The book, Hilda Green Demsky: The Flow of the Artist’s Life and Work, is designed and edited by Louise Londin Design, New York. Ms. Demsky is a Fulbright Fellow, a National Endowment for the Arts Fellow and a recipient of the Andy Warhol Residency Award. The biography of this 21st century American artist traces an extraordinary body of work and describes how her past shaped her vast output of work. The six chapters correspond to some of the successive phases of her multi-faceted career including figure painting, environmental art, the cosmos and landscape paintings of the natural world. With 105 full color reproductions of her paintings, this 103 page book is the definitive study of Hilda Green Demsky.