Paintings On Canvas


My  abstract paintings evoke the emotional reactions that aspects of nature stir within me. I play with the relationships of forms, colors and gestural marks. I often begin mixing up a few chosen colors. Sometimes I’m affected by the rhythms and mood of music. One stroke of paint leads to another, and soon there is a dialogue between the canvas and me.

“I look for essential forms and disregard extraneous details.”

~ Hilda Green Demsky, Artist ~



When I see a landscape with flowing water or reflections in a tranquil pond, my creative energy is stimulated.

I visualize where I’m going and what I’m going to paint. I enjoy painting “en plein air.”

“Demsky experiments with the play of colors against each other, allowing flecks of contrasting and complementary hues to set up vibrating fields of visual energy.”


~ Eleanor Heartney, Contributing Editor, Art in America ~



Inspired by my visit to a launch at the Kennedy Space Center, I paint my own interpretation of the planets and celestial phenomena.

“The beauty of our planet brings serenity in turbulent times.” ~ Hilda Green Demsky, Artist ~



Concerned about pollution in our rivers and oceans, I created paintings about garbage in our waterways. I painted the detritus in Long Island Sound and had an invitational exhibition in Mykonos, Greece to show the pollution of the water is hurting the marine environment globally.