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Paintings on Mylar

Working on Mylar frees me from the restrictions of the stretched canvas—enabling me to form it into different shapes with a potential for actual movement. Because it is flexible, it can be suspended from wires, collaged, or rolled into free-standing cylinders.

The scrolls that I viewed on my trip to China inform my choice of using long vertical and long horizontal shapes. When displayed, the paintings and cylinders draw light from all sides and shimmer like sun on water.

* Some Mylar paintings can also viewed as a free-standing cylinder. They are noted in the title.

“Demsky's work shimmers in color. Her compositions flow seamlessly and her lines sweep across the canvas and mylar with acute sensitivity.”

~ Patricia Call,

Strategic Color and Trend Analyst Call Design, Inc ~

All art work is FOR SALE unless noted. 

Prices upon request range from $800 to $3000.

To buy a work of art or visit her studio, please contact Hilda.

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